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Taipy Studio

Taipy Studio is an extension to Visual Studio Code that significantly accelerates the development of Taipy applications.

This tool addresses two major areas:

  • Building configurations
    An application that relies on Taipy Core functionalities needs to build a Taipy configuration where DataNode configs, Task configs, etc. are declared.
    Running the application usually starts by creating entities, which depend on configuration elements.

    Taipy Studio provides a graphical editor where you can create and configure the elements of your configurations stored in TOML files that your Taipy application can load at runtime. The editor can represent sequences and scenarios as graphs, where nodes are DataNodes or Tasks.

    You may want to learn more about Taipy configuration files edition by navigating to the Configuration files edition page.

  • Defining Taipy GUI page content with Markdown
    Taipy GUI exposes an augmented implementation of the Markdown syntax that allows for defining visual elements you want to display on your applications' pages.

    Because there are many available visual elements to choose from and because each element type has its own set of properties, it can be cumbersome to type everything manually. Taipy Studio provides a sort of code completion facility that helps you fill the element definition text fragments.

    It is also tricky to locate typos and errors in the Markdown text. Taipy Studio will spot these problems and report them in the Problems view. It can often provide a Quick Fix action that can solve your syntactic problem in no time.

    For more information on these features, please refer to the Taipy Markdown syntax support page.


You can install the Taipy Studio extension using the Extension Marketplace. Look for extensions whose names contain "Taipy".

Once installed, Taipy Studio is activated when:

  • the current project contains any file with a .toml extension (then these files are presumed to be Taipy configuration files);
  • the current project contains any file with a .md extension (then these files are presumed to be Taipy GUI page definition pages);
  • the current project contains any file with a .py extension (then these Python source files may contain strings that define Taipy GUI pages);
  • you explicitly open the Taipy Configs view (using the "View > Open View..." menu option).

Depending on your task at hand, you may want to read more on building configurations or on GUI Markdown support.

Building configurations

GUI Markdown support