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Getting Started

Welcome to the Getting Started guide for Taipy. Taipy is composed of two components that enable anyone to create entire applications:

  • Graphical User Interface builder (Taipy GUI): allows any Python developer to create a complex and interactive GUI.

  • Scenario Management (Taipy Core): implements a modern backend for any data-driven application based on your business case.

Three 'Getting Started' manuals are available to introduce these two components. These 'Getting Started' are all independent and can be followed without any previous knowledge of Taipy.

  • Getting started with Taipy GUI. It explains the basics of Taipy GUI. A multi-page NLP (Natural Language Processing) application is created along the way.

  • Getting started with Taipy Core. It shows how to configure and execute code with Taipy Core and all the useful features included.

  • Getting started with Core & GUI. This Getting Started has similarities with the previous ones. It is not necessary to have completed them before. It will use the power of both components to create a full Machine Learning application with just a few steps.