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QSR Sales Forecasting

This demo is a scaled-down version of a production application using Taipy, which performs sales forecasting for a renowned quick service restaurant (QSR) franchise. This business problem involves time series forecasting for several core business activities of the QSR, such as sales made on drinks or the number of transactions made at the front counter.

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Understanding the Application

This application showcases various capabilities of Taipy, including:

  1. The use of Taipy Scenario management to handle the forecasting process -- encapsulating each forecast execution as a Scenario, persisting the parameters and results for future reference and evaluation.
  2. The use of Taipy GUI to easily create a multi-page application, featuring a navigation sidebar and a top panel for selecting a Scenario, where both panels are present and used on every page.
  3. Demonstrates a mini version of a real implemented system that uses Taipy to facilitate their sales forecasting.

Home Page

The landing page which the user is greeted with when the application is launched. The dropdown selector on the top panel allows the user to select a scenario to view -- more relevant for the later pages. This page also displays a table of already generated scenarios.

Home Page

Create Page

The page for creating a new scenario. The user can select the scenario parameters, such as the store name, forecast start and end dates and other parameters which may be used by the forecasting algorithm. After the selections are made, the user can click the "Submit" button to submit the scenario for execution, during which a progress bar will indicate its progress.

Create Page

Data and Forecast Page

The page for viewing the forecasts of the selected scenario, which is selected using the top panel. Includes a line chart comparing the actual and forecasted sales, and a histogram of residuals. The side panel is used to select the "Section" and "Indicator", which are the business areas that the forecasts are made for.

Data Page

Forecast Page

Compare Page

The selected scenario is compared against another scenario, which is selected using the side panel. Here, the user can view the actual and forecast sales of different stores on the same chart.

Compare Page

Disclaimer: Enterprise License

The code for this demo is only available in the Taipy Enterprise License.