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Running a Taipy application

Depending on the task that the application is addressing, there are several execution use cases that can be considered for running a Taipy application.

A Taipy application is just a Python script that relies on the Taipy packages to perform the tasks to be executed.
Running a Taipy application can be as simple as invoking the Python interpreter, providing the path to the script you need to run.

The application may however have a few requirements that Taipy can address:

  • Running Taipy services: some Taipy functionality can be run as services. That is typically the case for Taipy GUI or Taipy REST, but the execution of Taipy Core tasks can also be taken care of by a specific service;
  • Rely on an external web server: although Taipy GUI and Taipy REST provide an internal web server, you may need to host the Taipy application in a web server that is already installed in your infrastructure.
  • Protect private files: because the hosting of an application by a web server poses risks of exposing files that you want to keep secret, Taipy provides means to setup file access security.

Running Taipy services

External web servers

Protecting private files