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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, aka "opinion mining", is a technique in Natural Language Processing (NLP) used to determine the emotional tone conveyed in a text. It helps businesses and individuals better grasp the feelings, and tones expressed in written content. Taipy's sentiment analysis application excels in making this process highly efficient and accurate.

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Understanding the Application

The application comprises two pages accessible via the upper tabs: "Line", "Text"

Page 1: Line - Analyzing User Input

The initial page of our Sentiment Analysis application, named "Line", is meant for instantly analyzing user input. Whether it's a brief sentence or a longer paragraph, just type or paste the text into the input box, and Taipy will quickly evaluate the sentiment conveyed in the text.


Page 2: Text - Uploading and Analyzing Text Files

The second page, named "Text" allows users to upload entire text files (.txt) for comprehensive sentiment analysis. Users can select a text file from their device, and the application will provide insights into the sentiment expressed throughout the document. This feature is useful for processing longer texts such as articles, reports, or extensive customer feedback.