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COVID Dashboard

This demo visualizes a Covid dataset for the year 2020. Pages show different graphs and information on Covid. A Prediction page is also present to predict the number of casualties.

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Understanding the Application

The application comprises four pages accessible via the upper tabs: Country, Map, Predictions, World.

Page 1: Country

  • Country-specific COVID-19 statistics.
  • Easily switch between cumulative and density data views.
  • Interactive bar chart for dynamic data exploration.
  • Pie chart illustrating case distribution (Confirmed, Recovered, Deaths).


Page 2: Map

Visual representation of COVID-19 impact through dynamic zoomable color-coded maps.


Page 3: Predictions

Generate COVID-19 predictions by creating scenarios for different prediction dates and different countries. This generates two different predictions (prediction_x in orange and prediction_y in green) using respectively an ARIMA model and a Linear Regression model.

How to use it:

  1. Initiate a new scenario by assigning it a name.
  2. Specify a prediction date.
  3. Choose a country.
  4. Click the "Submit" button and here we go!
  5. To view your scenario, access it in the Scenario tab located within the Results section.


Page 4: World

Global COVID-19 statistics are summarized via line and pie charts. The Comparison of Covid countries' impact can be seen by changing the toggle between ‘Absolute’ and ‘Relative’.