Authentication and Authorization

Available in Taipy Enterprise edition

This chapter is relevant only to the Enterprise edition of Taipy.

The Enterprise edition of Taipy has additional features that let applications authenticate users and behave differently depending on the identity of the end-user.

The process of changing the application logic depending on the identify of the user using the application is two-fold:

  • Authentication: the process that verifies that a user is known to the system. This is perform by a login step, that creates an instance of the Credentials class. That instance holds all the information relevant for a given user, whose identity has been usually verified using a password.
    Credentials hold a set of roles, identified as strings, that the application can use to change its logic.

  • Authorization: Once a user is identified, the application can use the roles that are assigned to the user in order to change its logic, such as allowing a set of operations or preventing the user from performing certain tasks.

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