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Taipy command-line interface (CLI)

Installing Taipy gives you access to the taipy command-line interface (CLI), which offers various commands to streamline your web application development. Here is a list of available commands:

  • taipy help: This command displays the comprehensive help menu, providing essential information about each available command and its usage.

  • taipy create: With this command, you can easily initiate a new Taipy application by utilizing a template as a starting point for your project.

  • taipy run: This command allows you to run your Taipy application.

  • taipy manage-versions: This command empowers you to efficiently manage the versions of your user application and their related data.

  • taipy version: Obtain the installed Taipy version using this command to keep track of the Taipy library's current release.

  • taipy migrate: This command allows users of Taipy version 2.x to migrate their Taipy entities to version 3.0 when upgrading Taipy version.