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Taipy Enterprise

Taipy Enterprise edition complements the Community edition by providing additional features implemented in packages that are available only when the Enterprise edition is installed.

Taipy Enterprise provides security to your application by providing authentication and authorization features. Users of Taipy Enterprise applications can authenticate, and the application can use the roles assigned to an authenticated user to change its behavior: give access to certain Taipy GUI pages, read and write data nodes, or submit scenarios.
You can find the description of these features in the Authentication and Authorization section.

With the Enterprise edition of Taipy, the persistence of Taipy Core entities can be achieved using the MongoDB database that improves performance, and simplifies backups and reliability. You can find the information on using MongoDB to manage the Taipy Core entities in this section.


  • ScheduledMethod: A periodic scheduled method used by Taipy Scheduler. A scheduled method is usually created and returned by the Scheduler.every() method, which also defines its interval.
  • Scheduler: Taipy Scheduler.