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Bases: Section

Configuration fields needed to instantiate an actual Scenario.


Name Type Description
id str

Identifier of the scenario config. It must be a valid Python variable name.

tasks Optional[Union[TaskConfig, List[TaskConfig]]]

List of task configs.
The default value is None.

additional_data_nodes Optional[Union[DataNodeConfig, List[DataNodeConfig]]]

List of additional data node configs. The default value is None.

frequency Optional[Frequency]

The frequency of the scenario's cycle. The default value is None.


Optional[Dict[str, Union[List[Callable], Callable]]]: Dictionary of the data node
config id as key and a list of Callable used to compare the data nodes as value.

sequences Optional[Dict[str, List[TaskConfig]]]

Dictionary of sequence descriptions. The default value is None.

**properties dict[str, any]

A dictionary of additional properties.