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Bases: _ReprEnum

Execution status of a Submission.

It is implemented as an enumeration.

The possible values are:

  • SUBMITTED: A SUBMITTED submission has been submitted for execution but not processed yet by the orchestrator.

  • UNDEFINED: AN UNDEFINED submission's jobs have been submitted for execution but got some undefined status changes.

  • PENDING: A PENDING submission has been enqueued by the orchestrator. It is waiting for an executor to be available for its execution.

  • BLOCKED: A BLOCKED submission has been blocked because it has been finished with a job being blocked.

  • RUNNING: A RUNNING submission has its jobs currently being executed.

  • CANCELED: A CANCELED submission has been submitted but its execution has been canceled.

  • FAILED: A FAILED submission has a job failed during its execution.

  • COMPLETED: A COMPLETED submission has successfully been executed.