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Package for notifications about changes on Core service entities.

The Core service generates Event objects to track changes on entities. These events are then relayed to a Notifier, which handles the dispatch to consumers interested in specific event topics.

To subscribe, a consumer needs to invoke the Notifier.register() method. This call will yield a RegistrationId and a dedicated event queue for receiving notifications.

To handle notifications, an event consumer (e.g., the CoreEventConsumerBase object) must be instantiated with an associated event queue.



  • CoreEventConsumerBase: Abstract base class for implementing a Core event consumer.
  • Event: Event object used to notify any change in the Core service.
  • EventEntityType: Enum representing an entity type.
  • EventOperation: Enum representing a type of operation performed on a Core entity.
  • Notifier: A class for managing event registrations and publishing Core service events.