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1 - First Web page

You can download the code for Step 1 or all the steps here.

For Notebooks

The Notebook is available here. In Taipy GUI, the process to execute a Jupyter Notebook is different from executing a Python Script.

Step 1: First Web page

You only need one line of code to create your first Taipy web page. Just create a Gui object with a string and run it.

In the console, you'll find a client link. All you need to do is copy and paste it into your web browser to open your first Taipy page!

from taipy import Gui

Gui(page="# Getting started with *Taipy*").run() # use_reloader=True

By default, the page won't refresh on its own after you make a code modification.

If you want to alter this behavior, you can set the use_reloader parameter of the run() method to True. This will cause the application to automatically reload when you make changes to a file in your application and save it. It's typically used in development mode.

If you wish to run multiple servers concurrently, you can modify the server port number (5000 by default) in the run() method. For example, Gui(...).run(port=xxxx). Other parameters to the run() method can be found here.

Keep in mind that you have the option to format your text. Taipy uses different ways to create pages: Markdown, HTML or Python code. Here is the Markdown syntax to style your text and more. Therefore, # creates a title, ## makes a subtitle. Put your text in * for italics or in ** to have it in bold.

First Web Page