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Package: taipy.core


  • CycleId: Type that holds a Cycle identifier.
  • DataNodeId: Type that holds a DataNode identifier.
  • JobId: Type that holds a Job identifier.
  • PipelineId: Type that holds a Pipeline identifier.
  • ScenarioId: Type that holds a Scenario identifier.
  • TaskId: Type that holds a Task identifier.



  • Core: Core service
  • Cycle: An iteration of a recurrent work pattern.
  • DataNode: Reference to a dataset.
  • Job: Execution of a Task.
  • Pipeline: List of Tasks and additional attributes representing a set of data processing elements connected as a direct acyclic graph.
  • Scenario: Instance of a Business case to solve.
  • Status: Execution status of a Job.
  • Task: Hold a user function that will be executed, its parameters and the results.