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Retrieve an entity by its unique identifier.

This function allows you to retrieve an entity by specifying its identifier. The identifier must match the pattern of one of the supported entity types: Task^, DataNode^, Sequence^, Job^, Cycle^, Submission^, or Scenario^.


Name Type Description Default
entity_id Union[TaskId, DataNodeId, SequenceId, ScenarioId, JobId, CycleId, str]

The identifier of the entity to retrieve.
It should conform to the identifier pattern of one of the entities (Task, DataNode, Sequence, Job, Cycle or Scenario).



Type Description
Union[Task, DataNode, Sequence, Scenario, Job, Cycle, Submission]

The entity that corresponds to the provided identifier. Returns None if no matching entity is found.


Type Description

If the provided entity_id does not match any known entity pattern.