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You can download the code for this step here or all the steps here.

For Notebooks

The "Getting Started" Notebook is available here.

Step 0: First web page

To create your first Taipy web page, you only need one line of code. Create a Gui object with a String and run it. A client link will be displayed in the console. Enter it in a web browser to open your first Taipy web client!

from taipy import Gui

# A dark mode is available in Taipy
# However, we will use the light mode for the Getting Started
Gui(page="# Getting started with *Taipy*").run(dark_mode=False)

If you want to run multiple servers at the same time, you can change the server port number (5000 by default) in the .run() method. For example, Gui(...).run(port=xxxx).

Note that you can style the text. Taipy uses the Markdown syntax to style your text and more. Therefore, # creates a title, ## makes a subtitle. Put your text in * for italics or in ** to have it in bold.

First Web Page