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You can download the code of this step here or all the steps here.

Step 9: Scenario subscription

This step reuses the configuration provided in step 7 except for the scenario configuration. To have an action after changing a job status, we can subscribe a function to a scenario. A status change will call this function. This feature allows the creation of logs or particular events for Taipy GUI.

def callback_scenario(scenario, job):
    """All the scenarios are subscribed to the callback_scenario_state function. It means whenever a job is done, it is called.

        scenario (Scenario): the scenario of the job changed
        job (_type_): the job that has its status changed
    if job.status.value == 7:
        for data_node in job.task.output.values():

A scenario can then subscribe to this callback.

scenario = tp.create_scenarios(scenario_cfg)