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You can download the code of this step here or all the steps here.

Step 8: Scenario comparison

This step reuses the configuration provided in the previous step except for the scenario configuration.

Taipy provides a mechanism to compare scenarios by providing a function directly into the scenario's configuration.

Step 1: The first step consists in declaring on which data nodes to apply the comparison functions:

Taipy can compare Data Nodes. In this example, we want a comparison applied to the 'output' Data Node. It is indicated in the comparators parameter of the configure_scenario().

scenario_cfg = Config.configure_scenario(id="multiply_scenario",
                                        comparators={ compare_function},

Step 2: Implement the comparison function (compare_function()) used above.

data_node_results is the list of the Output Data Nodes from all scenarios passed in the comparator. We iterate through it to compare scenarios.

def compare_function(*data_node_results):
    compare_result= {}
    current_res_i = 0
    for current_res in data_node_results:
        next_res_i = 0
        for next_res in data_node_results:
            print(f"comparing result {current_res_i} with result {next_res_i}")
            compare_result[current_res_i][next_res_i] = next_res - current_res
            next_res_i += 1
        current_res_i += 1
    return compare_result

Now, the compare_scenarios() can be used within Taipy.


scenario_1 = tp.create_scenario(scenario_cfg)
scenario_2 = tp.create_scenario(scenario_cfg)

print("\nScenario 1: submit")

print("\nScenario 2: first submit")

print(tp.compare_scenarios(scenario_1, scenario_2))

Taipy Rest

Taipy Rest allows the user to navigate through the entities of the application but also create and submit scenarios. Taipy Rest commands are referenced here.